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One classic symbol of Christian Christmas celebrations is the Star of Bethlehem or Christmas star.From the beginning, I perceived the Star Project as international in scope—this was part of the original vision.

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It is the remedy for the after-effects of shock, such as is caused by unexpected bad news or any unexpected and unwelcome event.The Star of Bethlehem is brought to you by Stephen McEveety (Producer, The Passion of the Christ) and Mpower Pictures.

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Background: Matthew 2:2 and 2:9 describes how the Magi (perhaps Zoroastrian astrologers) followed a star that they believed signaled the birth of the king of the Jews.The views and opinions expressed in the articles on this site are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or policy of The End in Mind or its owners and editors.

Consequently, the Christmas star must have appeared throughout 3 and 2 BC.

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Scholars debate whether the Star of Bethlehem is a legend created by the early church or a miracle that marked the advent of Christ.

For millennia, believers, scoffers and the curious have wondered at the Biblical account of the Star.The Star of Bethlehem is a common topic of questions asked to astronomers, especially around Christmas time because it is a special astronomical phenomenon that occurred around the time of the birth of Jesus the Christ.Filmed on the actual locations in the Holy Land, this is the complete Christmas story.

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Star of one of the remedies in the traditional crisis formula.

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Star of Bethlehem Movie Trailer - Popular Christian Videos Check out this great movie Trailer for the Star of Bethlehem.Good seller with good positive feedback and good amount of ratings.For centuries, believers, scoffers and the curious have wondered at the Biblical account of the Star of Bethlehem.

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To understand the Star of Bethlehem, we need to think like the three wise men.It is common for trees to be crowned with a star on the top, and with lights which shine as the stars in the sky under the special star of Bethlehem.BOB ABERNETHY, anchor: One important element of the Christmas story is the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the Wise Men to Jesus.Buy The Star of Bethlehem Movie Film DVD on sale at Free shipping available. is the trusted source for thousands of Christian Movies on DVD and Blu ray. is the trusted source for thousands of Christian Movies on DVD and Blu ray.

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Rick Larson has created a very high quality DVD about the Bethlehem Star.The famed 17th century astronomer Johannes Kepler suggested it.

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There are many puzzling details about the birth of Jesus, including the season, the year, the Star of Bethlehem, and the census of Augustus.

The star that appeared in the days of Herod the Great of Judea (37-4BC) was a new star appearing for the first time.The star of Bethlehem, or, as I shall normally call it here, the Christmas star, has fascinated people for a.

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